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Rev. Craig H. Carlson

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Welcome to the Wildwood Web-site.  I hope that you find it helpful and informative. 

What is Wildwood Baptist Church?  We are a family of believers who desire to seek God, minister to the needs of people, and grow in encouragement, fellowship, and love toward each other.  We are a conservative fellowship of believers who fully support the efforts of the Southern Baptist Convention and who give faithfully to the cooperative program.  Through the cooperative program we can help support the needs of missionaries around the world who share the good news of our Lord Jesus.  We are a community church and we have a great desire to see our community, our city, and our county faithfully seek to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everyone is welcome at Wildwood!  Come and visit, enjoy the worship experience, fellowship with a group of believers and let's see God work. 

Wildwood Baptist Church ~ A Place to Belong!
I can't wait to see you this Sunday!

Bro. Craig

Pastor Craig's Blog.....
Do you have a favorite Bible verse?  One that you can recite from memory?  How much do you rely on it for your daily encouragement?  Yes, I know, so many questions and sometimes so few answers.  Yet using the Word of God daily in our life is so important.  So, how much are you using the Word of God?   Each day I seem to be more and more amazed at what it means to live in the presence of God.  I am being reminded from my devotion reading that living in the presence of God is moment to moment and day by day.  We are creatures of habit and checklists and schedules, yet God is a God of the moment.  He is about grace, mercy, love and relationship.  Yes, we will always have our habits, our checklists and our schedules but isn't a relationship with God more about letting Him have everything?  Even our checklists and schedules?  Are you ok with God changing up your day?  If not then maybe you better rethink that whole idea of who really is in charge?  Why not use the Word of God as daily help.  Let it remind you of who really is in charge.  If you need a verse to help you today then let me give you one.  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths."  Proverbs 3: 5-6.

Let the Word of God encourage you today!

Have a favorite passage, a scripture that brings encouragement to your life?  Share it with me.  I'd love to hear how God is reminding you of His great love.  E-mail me at craigcarlson82@yahoo.com.

Join us at Wildwood this Sunday morning.  We would love to have you as our guest.

Bro. Craig

Wildwood Baptist Church, 4705 Porter Cir., Maryville TN 37804
(865) 977-6650